Ashes In My Whiskey

Dave Ray and Tony Glover

Dave and Tony record for the now-defunct American branch of Rough Trade Records. This was our first punk label assignment. Later we recorded for Tim/Kerr Records, another predominately punk label now (apparently) out of business. Attention executives wishing for a new life: Tony and I know how to close down a label!


Dave Ray with:
Tony Glover, harmonica and vocals

Released 1990, Rough Trade, Inc. RUS 80-2

  1. Uncertain Blues
  2. Stuff You Sell
  3. If You Haven’t Any Hay
  4. Staring At The Ceiling
  5. In The Jailhouse Now
  6. Devil Got My Woman
  7. HIV Blues
  8. Mean Old Lonesome Train
  9. I’m Through With Love
  10. Gravel Road
  11. Elegy
  12. Ashes In My Whiskey
  13. One-Room Country Shack
  14. Catfish Blues
  15. I Been Watching You
  16. Mattie Mae

Ashes in My Whiskey