Dave as hippie

Dave Ray, guitar and vocals
Will Donicht, bass and vocals
Daniel Lee Hall, keyboards and vocals
Sanford Konikoff, drums
Red Rhodes, steel guitar
Peter Hodgson, bass
Brendan Harkin, maracas
Ken Jenkins, string bass

Released: 01/68 by Elektra Records, EDS 74048

  1. Girl Of The Seasons
  2. Treehouse
  3. Blak Beri Cheri Blooz
  4. The Virgin Albatross
  5. That’s My Life
  6. August Man
  7. The Odessey of Thaddeus Baxter
  8. 30 Seconds To Nashville
  9. Anything But Love
  10. Sok Me Toot Tru Luv
  11. Lonely Homes
  12. Keep What Makes You Feel Nice

Bamboo - Dave Ray, Will Donicht