Blues In My Heart

Blackburn-Beach Blues Band

Dave plays his Johnny Smith with the six-piece Blackburn-Beach Blues Band and contributes a few vocals.

  1. Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
  2. John Beach – piano and vocals
  3. Henry Blackburn – saxes
  4. Terry Burns or Keith Boyle – bass
  5. Paul Lagos – drums
  6. Mary Leinfelde – vocals

Released 07/98 by B4 Records, B41

  1. It Should Have Been Me
  2. It’s Rainin’
  3. Lipstick Traces
  4. Little Coquette
  5. Fightin’ The Jug
  6. Romance In The Dark
  7. I Get The Blues When It Rains
  8. Blues In My Heart
  9. Valley Of Tears
  10. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
  11. Black Nights
  12. Winin’ Boy Blues
  13. One-Room Country Shack
  14. Rosetta
  15. One For The Highway
Blackburn Beach Blues Band back cover