By the Water

Back Porch Rockers

The Radiators’ Camile and Reggie join Dave and Tony.


DaveRay – guitar and vocals
Tony Glover – harmonica and vocals
Camile Baudoin – guitar
Reggie Scanlon – bass

Released 11/99 by JRA, Inc. in cooperation with The Back Porch Rockers, BTW 0498

Recorded live in two 1998 sessions: private party at a residence in the afternoon and a gig at the Turf Club on the evening of the same day.

  1. Lightnin’s Troubles
  2. Somebody Loan Me A Dime
  3. Howlin’ For My Darlin’
  4. Tomorrow Night
  5. Cry To Me
  6. Everybody’s Going For The Money
  7. Person-To-Person
  8. One-Room Country Shack
  9. By The Water
  10. Rock Me, Mama
  11. Mississippi Kid
  12. Mellow Chick Swing
  13. Mother Earth

By The Water