Dave and Furry Lewis

Dave and Furry Lewis Dave with Furry Lewis in Molde, Norway

Two photos taken on their trip to the Molde Jazz Festival in the mid-’70’s. Dave’s buddy, Arne Brogger, arranged the trip through his Memphis Blues Caravan.

Furry suffered mild cultural dislocation trying to deal with the concept of Norwegian currency, known as “Kroner.” He sent Dave to buy him a bottle of whiskey. Dave roamed the streets until he found a State-run liquor store and purchased a fifth of Four Roses for the exorbitant sum of $25.00US. When he told Furry what the bottle cost, Furry said: “No wonder they call them “groaners.”

Dave and Furry on the avenue

Dave and Furry on the avenue

Dave and Furry on stage

Dave helps Furry take the stand

Photos by unknown shooters

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