Fine Soft Land

Dave Ray

Dave plays twelve-string blues on his 1967 Elektra release. Includes one harp tune, one on the piano and one sung Acapulco.


Dave Ray solo

Released: 01/67 by Elektra Records, EKL-319 (mono) or EKS-7319 (stereo)

  1. Alabama Women
  2. Young Man
  3. Crying Shame
  4. Got To Live
  5. West Egg Rag
  6. How You Want Your Rolling Done
  7. Highway 51
  8. Tribute
  9. Baby Please Don’t Go
  10. Kid Man Blues
  11. Death Valley Blues
  12. If I Get Lucky
  13. One-Room Country Shack
  14. Married Woman Blues
  15. Look Over Yonder’s Wall
  16. You Can’t Go
  17. Born To Surrender

Dave Ray - Fine Soft Land