Hamburger Blues — Liner notes from the original LP

Hamburger Blues — Liner notes from the original LP Original liner notes enclosed with the LP

Notes on “Hamburger Blues”—SJL 1273

Notes on “Hamburger Blues” Biff Rose and Wall Matthews–SJL 1273:


Biff Rose: Fender Rhodes, talking toys, vocals, acoustic piano.

Wall Matthews: Electric and acoustic guitar.

Engineered by Dave and Sylvia Ray.

Room: This recording was completed in SJL’s new studio in the woods near Cushing, MN. The building is an American Plywood Association “Rigid Frame” construction 32′ x 64′ with 8′ to 13′ ceilings.

Equipment: The recording was made using a Crown CX 744 four-track machine for mastering and a Crown SX 722 two-track for mixdown. Scotch 206 was used thruout. Two Sennheiser 105 mics were used for binaural room pickup; two Sennheiser 405 mics were used on the upright piano; Shure SM 57 on vocal and on electric guitar; Shure 545 on electric piano and acoustic guitar. Monitoring was via Phase Linear 400 amp and Klipsch Cornwall loudspeakers thru the Crown boards.

Sessions: All cuts were performed simultaneously by Biff and Wall: no overdubs. Sessions were held 11-Oct-73 thru 16-Oct-73 and 31-Oct-73 thru 1-May-74. Sessions were loose and consisted of improvisations on selected themes. This material has been edited..

Mastering: Lacquer masters were cut from our two-track tapes by Bob Bergland of Sound 80, Mpls., using his Neumann VMS 70 cutter. A Burwen Dynamic Noise Filter improved S/N and some filtering and echo was added. Pressings were stamped by Wakefield Custom Pressing, Wakefield, Ariz.


Piano tunings 18.00

12 reels 206 120.00

Mastering 122.00

Pressing 500.00

Covers 425.80

Freight 26.00

Misc. 100.00


Studio time was approximately $821.00 and session time for Biff and Wall approximately $900.00. This record sells for $3.00 retail; $2.40 in lots of 50 or more; $1.92 in lots of 100 or more. DO NOT PAY MORE FOR THIS RECORD.

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Thanks to Steve and Joyce Raitt, Colleen (who did the front cover), Vicki, who designed the back cover, and the Brainerd Contingency and others munificent in their generosity and worthy of just reward.