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The Pants List

Shoes have many different names, but nothing like the list associated with pants.

We have defined pant as any garment that covers the lower half of the body and is sewn together at the crotch, thus affording two leg openings.

We have started a different list of pant substitutes and pant incorporations. We have listed items that may be worn as outerwear by people other than Madonna, but have included underwear because the words are fun.

Thanks to all the many email correspondents for their contributions

    BaggiesBagsBathing costume (Br.)Bathing suitBeachcombersBell BottomsBermuda shortsBikiniBloomersBombaches (SA wide black pants worn by Argentine gauchos)Bondage trousers (Br. UK punk rocker attire)Boxer shortsBriefsBritchesCaprisChapsChinosCigaretteClam diggersCordsCricket flannels (Br. see: Flannels)CulottesCut-offsDaks (AU/NZ cutoffs)DenimsDrainpipes (Br. tight-legged tr.)DrawersDungareesElephantFatiguesFlannels (Br. tr. made from soft cotton)FlaresFlood pants (above-the-ankle mens’ pants)GauchosGrape smuggler (surfer slang for Speedos)HaremHigh-wadersHip-huggersHipsters (Br. low-cut at the waist)Hot pantsJamaicasJamsJeansJodphursJumper (as in: “See my jumper hanging upside your wall…)Kecks (No. Br. related to khakis)Khaks (Irish slang)KhakisKnickers (usu. female undergarment)KnickerbockersLeathersLederhosenLeggingsManchestersOverallsOxford bags (Br. for wide-legged tr. w/ turnups)PalazzoPantaloonsPantiesPantsPecker suit (Euro. male swim brief)Pedal pushersPegPetit PantsPleastedPlus-foursPyjamaScrubs (as in surgical) Short shortsShortsSki pantsSkivviesSkortSlacksSoakers (early woolen diapers)SpankiesStovepipeStrides (AU/NZ long pants)Struks (Polish, pron. strooks)SweatSwim suitThongToreadorsTrews (Br., spec. Sctsh; espc: plaid)Trousers (abbr. “tr.” thoughout this doc.)TrunksWadersWide Bottoms (designated by circumference of bottom cuff, e.g.: “60 inchers”, etc.)

Here’s a quiz:

    Please place these in descending order (from knee to ankle) of relative length, in other words, from shortest to longest cut:Pedal pushers, Gauchos, Clam diggers, Capris, Toreadors, Britches.
Pant substitutes and pant incorporations:
    CoverallsDhotiDiaperFig leafKiltLoinclothNappy (Br. diaper)Overalls (Bibs)Sarong
Brand names that approach generic names:
Pant allusions:
    Fancy p.Smarty p.Too big for your p.
Pant tunes:
    Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On (M. McDaniel)Baggy Trousers (Madness)Bell Bottom Blues (E. Clapton)Black SlacksBlue Jean BluesBlue Jean Bop (G. Vincent)Blue Jean Gal (D. Keller)Blue Jeans and Moonbeams (C. Beefheart)Blues and Pants (J. Brown)Can’t Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants (S. Milton)Donald, Where’s Your Trousers? (A. Stewart,1960)Forever In Blue Jeans (N. Diamond)Hot Pants (J. Brown )Jeans On (D. Dundas)Pink Peg Slacks (E. Cochran, 1955)Trouser Press (Bonzo Dog Band)Who Wears Short Shorts? (Freddie & Dreamers)You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance (Dr. Hook)

The Names List

I started collecting oddball real names and thunkup names because they crack me up. I like the wordplay. Help for this list came from Jeff Dagenhart, Max Ray, Rochelle Becker, Jim Mallon and Milton Schindler. Many site visitors have contributed their favorites. This seems to be a universally pleasant pastime. Please email me with your interesting examples.

Enter “silly, names” in Google to find more lists


    Iona TrailerLisa TrailerIlene DoverDaisy ShaneBoyer UdumLei Me BeiStan DuppTai Mai ShuHerb GardenHugh JazchBrian T. UmorConnie LingusPhil LayschowHugh G. RekshennMike HuntJack MeehoffJustin CasePhil McCrackenPat MagroinPete MossMelba ToastSarah Anne DippiteeWarren Piez Cheryl NobleHowie KissterYvanna Lota MooreIda HoeCurl Up and Dye (beauty salon)Will DivideHugh Jim BisselMyra MainsMelaena StoolsHugh ByteitLynn O’LeamOllie LuyahWarren PeaceSid Downe Mal O. DrussDon E. BrookeDanita RhydeSarah ToninMaj. DeLayAl DenteRay D. O’ActifTom OrrowIan ZaneCy MethaconeGoetz Harderbeigh IIRed CrankRod GozinyaFran BoisNorman ClatureBuster HymanBill ToupeeLiv AnletlivMolly CoddleStrom UndrangBen DoverMal E. DicshenLuke EmeiaLawfirm: Burnim, Bagit and Dockit, PALawfirm: Dewy Cheatham and Howe, PALief SpringgE. Z. LevinWon Heung LoLiz OnnhyahDuane N. SpaneOliver MoneyNick FittAndy ZuppAnita DrinkSeymour BarroLucinda StreetsRex KaryRita BukeAaron BuoyCardinal SinSarah MoneyMatt RusBea SeleboatGinger VitusAmir TenminetzEdna ThelineBen BinjingMark EtplaceCliff HangerLou StuhlHugh ArndtFrank NoysRick ShawJuan TuncoHelen IsticHelen GoneHelen BackJack JammersHelen Highwater

Band Members:

    Warren Down on drums, Warren Smooth on guitarWarren Through on vocalw/ backup singers,The Rhea Sisters–Dia, Pia and GonoElephants, GeraldSheila MonstaerGene PoolArt. E. ChokeHugh Jorgan
    Otto Order Rudy BaggaHugh GiffsaphukKlaus TranfopyahCarlotta TroublesKitty LitterMona Leasing & StorageJohn EuknowJimmy ShelterKeith StonecopsHugh DunnitBill DingPhil A. MignonTyrone ShoelacesStuddo HolmesErnest RaquetJerry AttrixArt RydussGeorge GantuanDon ChinoClint SchteethHugh MungousClaude Innaface
Real Names:
    Candi BeaverPatrick FitzGeraldGerald FitzPatrickOphelia TiddyDick AllredRod CockshuttGraham C. Hashcookie, IIIDouglas Daft, CEO, Coca-ColaDoolittle & Dalley, Estate Agents (U. K.)Dick TrickleHors SchmidtRipp RappCorny GrothFanny TicklerVelvet CurtainRock BottomKelly GreenDick TickleWill TulivDon NationsArline TrippLionel TigerRhino AhoEmil ZapelikEngwald SchwartzChester BesterJack Kammer (dentist)Savage Barbers (Savage, MN)Ellen MoneypennyMark WarkfarkenparkerBob and Robin BodobbinDr. PayneAnita Dyck


    Phuket, ThailandDick Putz StadiumFertile (Minnesota, USA)Climax (Minnesota, USA)
    [Old headline read: “Fertile woman dies in Climax”]


    Mianus (Florida, USA)Nobber (Donegal, Ireland)Arsoli (Lazio, Italy)Muff (Northern Ireland)Hell (Troendelag, Norway)Hell (Michigan)Twatt (Shetland, UK)Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)Wankie (Zimbabwe)Climax (Colorado, USA)Lickey End (West Midlands, UK)Shafter (California, USA)Dongo (Congo – Democratic Republic)Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)Donk (Belgium)Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)Brown Willy (every schoolboy’s favourite, Cornwall,UK)Lord Berkeley’s Knob (Sutherland, Scotland)Stains (Near Paris,France)Turdo (Romania)Fukum (Yemen)Fuku (Shensi, China)Wanks River (Nicaragua)Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)Shag Island (Indian Ocean)Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)Hold With Hope (Greenland)Beaver (Oklahoma, USA)Beaver Head (Idaho, USA)Wet Beaver Creek (Australia)Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)Tittybong (Australia)Dikshit (India)Middle Intercourse Island (Australia)Chinaman’s Knob (Australia)Gobbler’s Knob (Kentucky, USA)

Blind Performers List

I played a concert at the Iowa Braille School and the subject of blind blues performers came up. I promised the director, an avid country blues fan, a tape of all the blind players I could find. This list would make a good show for an interested disc jockey…

Blind blues and R&B players/singers:
    Amos, Blind JoeBlake, BlindBooker, James (partially sighted)Brewer, Blind JamesBrown, Blind PurleeButler, HenryCampbell, Blind JamesCarter, Bo (Blind Arthur Blake) -disputed-maybe not blind at allCarter, ClarenceCharles, RayDavis, Blind JohnDavis, Blind WillieDavis, Rev. GaryEaglin, SnooksEstes, Sleepy John (partially sighted)Fuller, Blind BoyGraves, Blind RooseveltHarris, Blind WillieJames, Blind WillieJefferson, Blind LemonJohnson, Blind WillieLee, BryanLeJeune, Bobby (partially sighted)LeJeune, IryLow, Eddie (New Zealand singer)Lucas, Lazy BillMcTell, Blind WillieMeyers, SamPapeech, Claude (pianist, New Zealand)Penya, PaulPhillip, Blind JamesPucket, RileyReynolds, Blind JoeRoberts, MarcusTerry, Sonny
Jazz & Miscellaneous:
    Bocelli, AndreaFeleciano, JoseFive Blind Boys of AlabamaFive Blind Boys of MississippiHandy, W. C.Healey, JeffHearne, Bill (partially sighted)Hearne, BonnieKirk, RolandMilsap, RonnieMorello, Joe (partially sighted)Payne, LeonSchur, Diane (voc)Shearing, GeorgeTatum, Art (partially sighted, right eye only)Tristano, LennyWatson, DocWonder, Stevie


Here’s a list of titles and/or tunes I’ve been looking for, to no avail. Seems like most of the stuff I want is in the cut-out bin. I guess I must, oh well, live in the past.

Sometimes I’ll hear something when I’m on the road and just have time to scribble the title (or the dj’s idea of the title) on the back of a matchbook as I weave through traffic. Obviously, some of the info below is wrong or I would have found it by now. Some of the titles are tunes and some are album names. If I ever go on the radio, I’ll do like Pete Lee and give chapter and verse on everything I play, including the manufacturer, the other personnel on the tune, the title of the album the tune came from and anything else that may help a struggling record store customer find the song.

If anybody out there can clarify any of the following titles, I’d be appreciative because it may help me find the missing number. If you have the record or tune, please drop me an email and tell me what you’d need to copy it to cassette or burn a cd for me. I’d be happy to do the same for you if you’re looking for something I may have. If we can’t trade, I’ll pay–yes, I said I’LL PAY to get ahold of these numbers.


    Any and all West Side Chicago besides Magic SamWalker, Johnny “Big Moose”: “Going Home Tomorrow” — French Isabel 900.502Unknown stuff I heard a little piece of: Payblo, Dan or Dean — guitaristRaga and Calla — Kala rhythm


    Thibeaux, Casals, Corteau — Chamber music trio–EMI


    Getz, Stan and Merril, Helen: “It Never Entered My Mind”Kidamor, Izei: “Swing Izei” — guitar playerMoss, David: “My Favorite Things”Smith, Jimmy — Foremost Milestone