Lots More Blues, Rags & Hollers

Lots More Blues, Rags and Hollers CD coverKoerner, Ray & Glover

KR&G’s second recording for Elektra in 1963.


Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
John Koerner – guitar and vocals
Tony Glover – harmonica

Elektra EKL 267 (mono); EKS 7267 (stereo), rel: 06/64

Remastered and reissued by Red House Records, 01/99, RHR CD 130

  1. Black Dog
  2. Whomp Bom
  3. Black Betty
  4. Honey Bee
  5. Crazy Fool
  6. Keep Your Hands Off Her
  7. Duncan and Brady
  8. Fine Soft Land
  9. Red Cross Store
  10. Lady Day
  11. Freeze To Me, Mama
  12. Ted Mack Rag
  13. Fannin Street
  14. Love Bug
  15. Can’t Get My Rest At Night
  16. What’s The Matter With The Mill
  17. Fixin’ To Die
  18. My Little Woman
  19. Leavin’ Here Blues
  20. Southbound Train
  21. Slappin’ On My Black Cat Bone

All selections were recorded 09/63 in what was then “state of the art” stereo separation. We left this severe right-left mix alone for historical accuracy, though it sounds pretty weird nowadays. Remember, this was in the days when the cool thing to do was record a train so it sounded like it was entering your living room on the left and exiting on the right.

Sticker affixed to wrapper reads: “The 35th Anniversary reissue of an American Blues Classic…with new notes by Tony Glover & bonus tracks from The Blues Project!”

Lots More Blues, Rags & Hollers