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26-Oct-02 Dave’s health

21-Oct-02 Posted Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s #XXIX from Sonnets from the Portugese

06-Sep-02 Dave’s health and updated gig schedule

19-Jul-02 Dave’s health and updated gig schedule

07-Jun-02 Dave’s health ongoing tale of Dave’s recovery from a recently imposed illness

02-May-02 The Camel Story, a Sufi catalyst tale

07-Mar Link to The Onion. Couple new Names and some new Pants

20-Feb-02 Pledge of Allegiance by Bill Hinkley

05-Feb-02 A second list of Names submitted by P. Monroe Dicker, and an hilarious lot they are.

24-Jan-02 Many additions to the Pants page with many thanks to John Harman, U. K. A couple of new names, too.

05-Jan-02 Photo of Curt Obeda and Dave outside the St. Peter, Minnesota Arts Center.

26-Dec-01 List of Great Lies you may hear if you work in the music business. thanks to TG for this posting.

20- Dec-01 Photo of John Koerner on his fiftieth birthday. Thanks to Connie for the photo.

14-Dec-01 Posted a Real Player transcription of Buddy Rich straightening out his band. Thanks to Bill Carruthers for posting and Tony Glover for forwarding.

07-Dec-01 Posted British citizen’s complaint letter to his telecommunications provider

16-Nov-01 Posted Barker or Bakken pic of Dave and John Koerner at the Avant Garde, early ’60s

30-Sep Posted the “What Do You Do All Day?” intro and started the Log

22-Sep-01 Revised Crib Sheet

14-Sep-01 Added the PRIVACY NOTICE page

08-Sep-01 Added the Bio and Disco section revised and updated.

27-Aug-01 Added the House Party section. More names and pants

06-Aug-01 Added some names and pants

07-Jun-01 Added the Toledo rant Architectural tour of downtown Toledo

31-May-01 Added the scan of the 2001 “Best Folk Group” Minnie award

08-May-01 “David” means more than ‘beloved’.

08-May-01 Mounted the Al Haug pic of the Mama’s Home Cookin’ Jug Band from 1968 or 1972 or ’73?

20-Apr-01 Mounted the stolen Easter dating rap from Star and Tribune: What date is Easter?

20-Apr-01 Mounted the “American Apology To China For The Airplane Thing.”

19-Apr-01 Mounted the page advertising John Koerner’s 1965 LP “Spider Blues,” which I’m making available on CDR, but which is not yet ready for distribution. If you want to order, please be prepared to wait awhile until I get the master back from my engineer.

19-Apr-01 Mounted certain additions to the Names list. I always put the new additions on the top of the list.

20-Apr-01 Cleared the following NEW!! messages off the index page.

NEW!! Dave with Jeff Dagenhardt and David Kasik

— The 6L6 Band — rockin’ the blooz on

A Hollowbody Experience

NEW!! Trucrime is up! Click here for amazing true stories of the misled and misunderstood!!

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