One Foot In The Groove

One Foot In The Groove CD coverKoerner, Ray & Glover

Dave, John and Tony on their first live recording since 1963.


Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
John Koerner – guitar and vocals
Tony Glover – harmonica and vocals

Released 11/96 by the former Tim/Kerr Records, 96CD137

  1. Black Jack Davy
  2. Shout, Sister, Shout
  3. Shenendoah
  4. Terra Mae
  5. Shortnin’ Bread
  6. With Body And Soul
  7. Deliah’s Gone
  8. France Blues
  9. Dodger
  10. ‘Way Back Down Home
  11. Power Tool
  12. Pick Poor Robin Clean
  13. Boys Were Shooting It Out
  14. You Got To Move
  15. I Ain’t Blue
  16. Black Dog Blues
Sticker affixed to jewel case reads:

“Exactly like you’d think it would be, stunning. Koerner, Ray and Glover haven’t lost a step. Every time they play the lights shine.” -Bob Dylan

“From the first time I…heard their albums in my teenage years, I’ve loved Koerner, Ray and Glover…their ulta-cool look, funky rhythm, their wicked sense of humor and pure passion is what got me then and…still gets me now.” -Bonnie Raitt

One Foot in the Groove back cover