Picture Has Faded

Picture Has FadedDave Ray & Tony Glover

Dave and Tony do the blues.


Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
Tony Glover – harmonica and vocals

Released 06/93 by the former Tim/Kerr Records, 92CD036

  1. Tell Me Mama
  2. Jimmy Bell
  3. Can’t See Your Face
  4. Downtown Blues
  5. Sitting On Top Of The World
  6. Long-Haired Doney
  7. Ice Blue
  8. Going Away Blues
  9. Afraid To Trust Them
  10. Mellow Chick Swing
  11. Saturday Blues
  12. New Buddy Brown
  13. If It Looks Like Jelly
  14. As The Years Go Passing By

NOTE: Tim/Kerr Records issued the LP version of this recording with four extra tunes (back cover pictured below).

Picture Has Faded - Ray & Glover