Snake Band ’78

Dave rocks out with the boys on this Sweet Jane, Ltd. recording.

This was recorded in the fin-de-siecle of Dave’s Rural Life and was never commercially released.


Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
John Beach – piano and vocals
Jerome Broghten – guitar and alto and backup vocals
Jose James – sax and miscellaneous percussion, backup vocals
Will Donicht – bass and vocals and backup vocals
Timothy Bivens – drums

Recorded 1978, never released

  1. Back Door Man
  2. Don’t Interrupt Me
  3. Unless We Find A Way
  4. Use What You Got
  5. I Need A Stick
  6. You Said You’d Be Happy
  7. Fanny
  8. Watchdog
  9. Come Back Quiche
  10. Let Me Be Your Friend

Snake Band