Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes CD coverDave Ray

Dave plays twelve-string acoustic guitar and sings on this 1997 release from the former Tim/Kerr Records.

Dave Ray, solo

Originally released 01/98 as Tim/Kerr Records T/K 172-2

  1. So Glad You’re Mine
  2. Junco Partner
  3. I Love The Life I Live
  4. Tomorrow Night
  5. One-Room Country Shack
  6. My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me
  7. Down In The Bottom
  8. Coal Man Blues
  9. I’m Sinking
  10. Person-To-Person
  11. Kiddeo
  12. Blow Wind Blow
  13. Spyglass Blues
  14. If It’s Really Gotta Be This Way

Snake EyesSnake Eyes