What Was The Question?

What Was The Question CD coverThe Three Bedroom Ramblers

Dave rocks on with The Trio (and added horns).


Dave Ray – guitar and vocals
John Beach – keys, keyboard bass, vocals
Kory Badertscher – drums, percussion

Reeds: Max Ray, Rochelle Becker, Paul Harper, Paul Scher

Released 11/95 by Big Wagon, BW1455
Fooled with by the former Tim/Kerr Records and possibly released as T/K 168-2 in late ’90s

  1. She’s Into Something
  2. Heart Of Mine
  3. Baby, Don’t Tear My Clothes
  4. Roadrunner
  5. What’s Getting Wrong With You?
  6. Lost Someone
  7. Rosa Lee
  8. Better Get Your Hat
  9. Your Phone Is Ringing
  10. Watchdog
  11. I Made A Mistke
  12. If I Could Be With You
  13. Things Have Gone To Pieces
  14. Mortal Coil Shuffle

Three Bedroom Ramblers

Three Bedroom Ramblers