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Dave “Snaker” Ray, of Koerner, Ray and Glover, 6L6, the Blackburn-Beach Blues Band, The Elegonzos, The Three Bedroom Ramblers, The Backporch Rockers, “Blues, Rags and Hollers,” “Bamboo,” “Snake Eyes,” “Ashes In My Whiskey,” “Picture Has Faded,” “A Hollowbody Experience” and other terrifyingly obscure bands and recordings, presents his news and views in these pages dedicated to tilting at windmills.

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Koerner, Ray and GloverGib Ahlstrand

Press and venue information

The Blackburn-Beach Blues BandDaniel Corrigan

John Koerner

Dave with RadiatorsGlen Kincaid

Tony Glover

Dave and Furry Lewis photos

Dave’s opinion of just about everything

Willie and The Bumblebees photos

Dave’s links

Koerner, Ray & Glover at First AvenueDaniel Corrigan


Bruce B. and his guitar

The Pants List

The Credit Cards

The Names List

KR&G Minnie Awards — 2000 and 2001

The Blind Performers List

Snake Band photos

Advice for bands

Mama’s Home Cookin’ Jug Band photos

List of tunes or albums I’ve been looking for

Arne Brogger’s trip to the motherland, with photos

“David” from the Penguin Book Of Saints

Dave’s Millennium Page

Bill Hinkley’s Pledge of Allegiance

Dave and John Koerner at the Avant Garde, early 1960s

Construction and maintenance of this site

John Koerner on his 50th


Curt Obeda and Dave

The Camel Story

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