Mercy Rant

Here’s the first rant, which is actually more of a plea. It dawned on me that what I write on these pages gets seen worldwide. I’m not that worried about offending my local friends and enemies (just ask any of them) but I’m a little uptight about getting a bottle in the head in some foreign country where maybe they don’t understand that these pages present me in My Country ’tis of Thee with a rare means for escaping the humdrum requirements of compromise, appeasement solicitude and, god forgive me, political correctness (as THEY are fond of calling the currently popular rendition of Everybody’s Right and Nobody’s Wrong).

As I sit here alone in my dim myopia, I feel like I can say anything I want to. So give me a break when you feel yourself boiling over at what a passive-agressive, dimwitted, gratuitous and grandiose dolt you’ve tuned into, and have the good grace to exit this site.