This section contains advice to musicians culled through years of experience. It’s a tricky business, playing in front of people. You always have a double sale: the venue owner/manager and the audience. Most of the advice that follows is concerned with instilling in you, the performer, the proper attitude so that both the club and its patrons will be happy with you. Without the venue, no one can see you. Without the customers, you can’t get a venue. Some of this is my advice, some of it comes from others, including Michael Corcoran. These pages are under construction; much, much more will follow. More than you will want to read, I’m sure.


Developing the Proper Attitude – Here’s a list of mantras you should repeat on your way to the gig. This list should be glued onto the back of your guitar or taped onto the monitor cab so everyone in the band can frequently repeat the appropriate aphorisms and thus stay in the moment while playing the job.


Great Lies of the Music Business

Here’s a list from Tony G. of a few of the Great Lies you may hear in our line of work.



This came to me by anonymous post over the Net. From the looks of it, I’m sure this was penned by someone on the management or booking side of the business. I must say, I know several drummers who’ve brought good tunes to my bands–apparently, this author subscribes to the “Spinal Tap” view of the tub arts.