Developing the Proper Attitude

Here’s a list of mantras you should repeat on your way to the gig. This list should be glued onto the back of your guitar or taped onto the monitor cab so everyone in the band can frequently repeat the appropriate aphorisms and thus stay in the moment while playing the job.

Affirmations and Mantras for the Band

The break music this club plays meshes perfectly with my band’s music.

My amp has never sounded better.

The night manager really cares for me.

The PA really makes my voice sound good.

It is neither too hot nor too cold in this club.

My band is playing at the perfect volume.

A lot of these patrons travelled a great distance just to see me perform.

This club attracts a superior clientele who really enjoy my music.

Parking is never a problem at this club.

The staff at this club is sensitive to my needs as an artist.

This club has an attractive and welcoming decor.

I am always able to get into the bathroom on my breaks.

My bandmates want me to take a proactive, leadership role.

I know I can depend on this club’s staff in the unlikely event that a patron becomes mysteriously over-served.

I am really lucky to be paid so much to do something I enjoy so much.

My mate loves it when I go to the club every night.

At this club, clean, properly grounded AC power is always plentiful and the outlets are conveniently located.

This stage has the perfect amount of room for my band.

The acoustics in this room are absolutely beautiful.

From Steve Tibbetts after two months on the road in Germany:

These airline baggage handlers can give my guitar case a real test.

Carrying this gear up two flights of stairs is welcome exercise.

This cheese and bread thing is really tasty.

These five people in the audience will help us load out.

These continuous, small, electric shocks will help me stay alert.

This is a “vintage” dressing room.

In driving two days without rest you get to see so much.

It’s nice to be snug in a minivan with everybody.

The promoter might have lost a little money, but he really loved the show.