Lovelife on the Corner – 1978

Wasn’t that Kathy’s house I saw you leave

Last nite after you’d been home with

Sarah who lives near Jill,

A girl we’ve both known for so long because of her

Acquaintance with Circe and Lilly, whose

Sisters, Barbara and Jane, took off to live in

South Edina with Pete and Bob after dating

Both of us and Mike for so long?

There are no strangers in

The Hip City.

Only past lovers in the wings,

Future lovers presently going

With others you already know.

Nobody moves away and only a select

Few move in.

A sort of love blendor, whirling,

Mixing relationships.

There’s no gossip, only discussion.

You can’t keep a thing from your family

Here in the frozen time-frame

Constant-velocity life around the

World’s biggest crackerbarrel.

No jealousy, fear, embarrassment.

Only cool, collected intimacy,

Sometimes hot when the

Occasion presents itself.

Future lover, past lover now

Involved in the merry-go-round:

You can’t keep a thing from you family

In the world’s biggest small town.

You’re with him now;

I’m with his past lover.

I’ll have my turn, he his.

No rancor; it’s all whirling,

Mixing love–nearly incestuous,

But usually innocuous.

When I holler at you with this poem

I’m trying to say we’re all honourable men.

I don’t covet your wife

Since I have her already.

I expect the same courtesy

Since you have mine now.

Let’s just not be knocking on each other’s doors,

Ringing phones at 7:30 in the damned morning

When we already know what’s going on.

Let’s take our times when we get them–

No crowing, gloating; simply honest

Enjoyment of a fleeting partner’s wholesome,

For the moment undivided

Attention even sometimes LOVE.