Great Lies of the Music Business

Here's a list from Tony G. of a few of the Great Lies you may hear in our line of work:

  1. The booking is definite.
  2. Your check's in the mail.
  3. We can fix it in the mix.
  4. This is the best dope you've ever had.
  5. The show starts at eight sharp.
  6. My agent will take care of it.
  7. I'm sure it will work.
  8. Your tickets are at the door.
  9. It sounds in tune to me.
  10. Sure, it sounds fine at the back of the hall.
  11. I know your mic is on.
  12. I checked it myself.
  13. The roadie took care of it.
  14. She'll be backstage after the show.
  15. Yes, the spotlight was on you during your solo.
  16. The stage mix sounds just like the program mix.
  17. It's the hottest pickup I could get.
  18. The club will provide the PA and lights.
  19. I really love the band.
  20. We'll have it ready by tonight.
  21. We'll have lunch sometime.
  22. If it breaks, we'll fix it for free.
  23. We'll let you know.
  24. I had nothing to do with your marriage breaking up. It was on the rocks long before I ever met you.
  25. The place was packed.
  26. We'll have you back next week.
  27. Don't worry, you'll be the headliner.
  28. It's on the truck.
  29. My last band had a record deal, but we broke up before recording the album.
  30. Someone will be there early to let you in.
  31. I've only been playing for a year.
  32. I've been playing for 20 years.
  33. We'll have flyers printed tomorrow.
  34. I'm with the band.
  35. The band drinks free.
  36. You'll get your cut tonight.
  37. We'll supply someone for the door.
  38. You'll have no problem fitting that bass cabinet in the trunk of your car.
  39. There'll be lots of roadies when you get there.
  40. It's totally compatible with your current program.
  41. You'll have plenty of time for a soundcheck.
  42. This is one of Jimi's old Strats.
  43. We'll definitely come to the gig.
  44. You can depend on me.